PNGQR (Ping-queer?)

Pure Ruby Gem to generate PNG files of QR codes.



require 'pngqr'

Pngqr.encode '', :file => 'output.png'

The parameters for encode() are the same as the rqrcode gem’s new(), except:

  1. we add :file if you want to output to a file instead of returning the PNG as

a blob, and

  1. you can :scale with an integer parameter and it will scale up the output

image by that many times.

  1. if you don’t supply a :size, we auto-size by testing each size until we

find the one that worked. It seems quick enough.

  1. :border=>n lets you add an n pixel white border to the PNG


Gems: rqrcode and chunky_png (both pure ruby gems)


Contact the author

Andrew Snow <[email protected]> Andys^ on @andy_snow on the twitter