Place is a Ruby library aimed to gather and manage objects from Polarion ALM™ repositories. Its name comes from the contraction of "Polarion lace".


Place collects informations from Polarion ALM ™ and turns it into easy manageable ruby objects, which are managed by excellent key-value store Redis, via the Ruby library Ohm.

Polarion ™ is an "Application Lifecycle Management" tool produced by Polarion Software GmbH. For more info on Polarion ALM ™ please refers to


Basically I'd like to easy access to items inside a Polarion projects (namely "workitems"), as well as see relations among multiprojects workitems. That saved me a lot of time in extracting information and producing reports.


First we need a local working copy of the repository. Notice we need only .polarion directories, not the WHOLE repository:

# obtain a local working copy of you Polarion repository
$ svn co http://your.polarion.server/repo/.polarion local_repo/.polarion
$ svn co http://your.polarion.server/repo/ProjectA/.polarion local_repo/ProjectA/.polarion
$ svn co http://your.polarion.server/repo/ProjectB/.polarion local_repo/ProjectB/.polarion

Then we go Ruby...

Gathering data

require 'place'
include Place


# This reset Redis db with a fresh new copy from the
# repository working copy (it's up to us update it).
# Of course is needed only when working copy is updated


require 'place'
include Place


puts "Users: #{User.all.size}"
puts "Workitems: #{WorkItem.all.size}"

all_tasks = WorkItem.find_by_type(:task)

demo = Project.find_by_name('Demo')
demo_tasks = demo.workitems(:type => :taks)

t = demo_tasks.last
puts "Assignees for #{t.wid}: #{{|u|}.join(' ')}"

Assigned tasks

require 'place'
include Place


tasks = WorkItem.fnid_by_type(:task)
assigned_tasks = tasks.reject{|wi| wi.assignees.empty? }
assigned_tasks.each do |wi|
  puts "#{wi.wid} assigned to #{{|u|}.join(' ')}"


  • Place does not work with LiveDocument workitems, that are workitems stored in Microsoft document rather than .xml files.
  • The actual version was tested under Linux and Mac OS X only.


Retrieving data from a repository working copy takes not too much time. Assuming the time required grows with the numbers of workitems, we experienced a total retrieve time of 60 seconds with 1700 workitems.


  • add more examples into documentation
  • add hyperlinks for workitems (and votes, approvals, ...)
  • (maybe) incremental update rather than one-shot gathering
  • implement write back to repository
  • callback for each workitem type (es: complex calculated fields)


Place is written by Carlo Pecchia and released under the terms of Apache License (see LICENSE file).