PKCS #11/Ruby Interface for Safenet Protect Server HSM


API documentation: Safenet Protect Server HSM :

This ruby gem is an add-on to ruby-pkcs11 . It allowes to use Protect Server specific extensions, which are beyond the PKCS#11 standard. That means CKA_EXPORT, CKM_DES3_DERIVE_CBC, structs like CK_DES3_CBC_PARAMS, special functions and so on. The module works on the Unix like operating systems and win32.


  • ProtectServer PTKC-SDK to compile the module

  • pkcs11 gem installed (use: gem install pkcs11 )


gem install pkcs11_protect_server -- --with-protect-server-sdk-dir=/path/to/ETcpsdk

This installs the ProtectServer-PKCS#11 extension along with pkcs11-gem either by compiling (Unix) or by using the precompiled gem for Win32.

git clone git://
cd pkcs11_protect_server
rake gem PROTECT_SERVER_SDK_DIR=/path/to/ETcpsdk
gem install -l pkg/pkcs11_protect_server -- --with-protect-server-sdk-dir=/path/to/ETcpsdk

Downloads and installs the gem from git source.


Open the software emulation library and login to a session:

require "rubygems"
require "pkcs11_protect_server"

pkcs11 =
session =
session.(:USER, "1234")
# ... crypto operations

PKCS11::ProtectServer::Library#initialize tries to find the library file in the standard installation directory on Windows or Linux.

Cross compiling for mswin32

Using rake-compiler a cross compiled pkcs11_protect_server.gem can be build on a linux host for the win32 platform. There are no runtime dependencies to any but the standard Windows DLLs.

Install mingw32. On a debian based system this should work:

apt-get install mingw32

On MacOS X, if you have MacPorts installed:

port install i386-mingw32-gcc

Install the rake-compiler:

gem install rake-compiler

Download and cross compile ruby for win32:

rake-compiler cross-ruby VERSION=1.8.7-p352
rake-compiler cross-ruby VERSION=1.9.2-p290

Download and cross compile pkcs11_protect_server for win32:

rake cross native gem PROTECT_SERVER_SDK_DIR=/path/to/ETcpsdk

If everything works, there should be pkcs11_protect_server-VERSION-x86-mswin32.gem in the pkg directory.


  • implement ProtectServer specific function calls

  • implement possibility to use callbacks

  • add all structs and constants



See MIT-LICENSE included in the package.