*Note:* This Gem has undergone a major rewrite in 1.x compared to 0.9.x.

The piwik_analytics gem provides an easy way to include Piwik into your application. By default it will output the synchronous piwik tracking code for every page (given that it is configured correctly).


Add `piwik_analytics` to Gemfile:

gem 'piwik_analytics', '~> 1.0.0'

Run the generator:

rails g piwik_analytics:install

This will install a piwik.yml configuration file into the `config` directory of your application.


Open up `config/piwik.yml` and edit the settings. Each setting is described in the config file itself.


Inside your `application.html.erb` (or haml, slim) simply add

<%= piwik_tracking_tag %>

Enjoy :)


Copyright© 2010-2012 Fabian Becker, released under MIT licence.