Anslatetray ouryay Ailsray appway intoway igpay atinlay! (Translate your Rails app into pig latin!)

Add a pig latin translation layer to your Rails app!) Includes a rake task to translate all of your i18n locale configurations to pig latin!

Translate English to Pig Latin on the fly!

PigLatin.translate("Always look on the bright side of life!")
=> "Alwaysway ooklay onway ethay ightbray idesay ofway ifelay!"

You could use it in your before save callbacks to shove pig latin in your database!

Build a Pig Latin locale layer for i18n

Use i18n? The pig_latin rake task can generate a pig latin locale (pgl) based on your English locale files.

rake pig_latin:translate["config/locales"]

It'll iterate through all of your en.yml files in that location and build a pig latin version. You can also specify a specific en.yml file to translate just that file!


Feel free to write specs. Submit a pull request and we'll see what happens!


Copyright (c) 2013, developed and maintained by Steve Hodges, and is released under the open MIT Licence