PhoneGap command line utilities

Easily build PhoneGap applications from the command line.


gem install phonegap-build

You'll need to install the PhoneGap libraries separately from For iOS, download the libraries, navigate to the iOS folder and install PhoneGapInstaller.pkg. Android is currently not supported.


$ phonegap -h

  Usage: phonegap [OPTIONS] PATH

          --ios                 Compile iOS applications
          --android             Compile Android applications

          --target [TARGET]     Either 'device' or 'emulator'
          --config [TYPE]       Either 'debug' or 'release'
          --name [NAME]         Application name
          --[no-]build          Build application (default is true)

      -?, --help                Display this usage information
      -v, --version             Display version

$ phonegap --ios ./public
$ cd ./build/ios

If a dir called public or www exists under the specified directory, then phonegap-build will use that instead. The application will be created in a directory called build.