PHCScriptCDN(PRO) (Script Listing Engine) Documentation

PHCScriptCDN(PRO) rails script management engine for website script CDN listings.

  • Manage script CDN listings for websites.
  • Main script title and description.
  • Script versions and script URLs.

Step 1 - Add PHCScriptCDN(PRO) to your gemfile and run command

gem 'phcscriptcdnpro'
bundle install

Step 2 - Copy PHCScriptCDN(PRO) Database Tables

To copy PHCScriptCDN's required database migrations, copy each command individually to your terminal's command line.

rails phcscriptcdnpro:install:migrations
rails db:migrate

Step 3 - Mount PHCScriptCDN & Add Routes

Mount PHCMembers by adding code below to your routes file.

mount Phcscriptcdnpro::Engine, :at => '/'

Step 4 - Recompile Assets

To properly function re-compile your application's assets to copy over required files.

rails assets:clobber
rails assets:precompile  

Step 5 - Generate Contact Form View (Customization)

All PHCScriptCDN views and layouts can be overwritten by copying files to your application.

rails generate phcscriptcdnpro:views