n. Hard working dependable slaves, with a keen attention to mining your gold.

Quick Start

It's easy to get started with Peon.

$ [sudo] gem install peons
$ redis-server # Assuming you have redis-server installed and in your path

require "peons"

Peons[:fortress].push "1"
Peons[:fortress].push "2"
Peons[:fortress].push "3"
Peons[:fortress].push "4"

output = []

Peons[:fortress].each do |item|
  output << item

output == ["1", "2", "3", "4"]
# => true

Atomic Pops

You can also do atomic pops, if you'd prefer that over looping your entire queue.

Peons[:fortress].push "1"

popped = nil

Peons[:fortress].pop do |item|
  popped = item

popped == "1"
# => true

Connecting to a different Redis connection

For cases where you want to connect to a Redis connection which isn't the default, simply assign like so:

Peons.redis = Redis.connect(:url => "redis://")


  1. Testing for thread safety.
  2. A sinatra web interface to display all queues
  3. General hardening.