passenger_debugger=============== Restart passenger in debug mode


$ gem install redinger-passenger_debugger -s

In development.rb add:

config.gem 'passenger_debugger'

In your Rakefile add:

  require 'passenger_debugger/tasks'
rescue LoadError
  STDERR.puts "Install passenger_debugger to enable debugging"

Add the following lines to your ~/.rdebugrc

set autoeval
set autolist
set autoreload


# Restart passenger in debug
rake passenger:debug

# Start loading a web page
# Connect to the remote process
rdebug -c

# Once you exit the debugger, you'll need to restart in debug mode to reconnect


If you need to exit out of debug mode in a hurry, just remove the tmp/debug.txt file

Pretty much swiped from COPYRIGHT

Copyright © 2008 Christopher Redinger. See LICENSE for details.