Module: Parser::Meta

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Parser metadata

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All node types that parser can produce. Not all parser versions will be able to produce every possible node.

  true false nil int float str dstr
  sym dsym xstr regopt regexp array splat
  pair kwsplat hash irange erange self
  lvar ivar cvar gvar const defined? lvasgn
  ivasgn cvasgn gvasgn casgn mlhs masgn
  op_asgn and_asgn ensure rescue arg_expr
  or_asgn back_ref nth_ref
  match_with_lvasgn match_current_line
  module class sclass def defs undef alias args
  cbase arg optarg restarg blockarg block_pass kwarg kwoptarg
  kwrestarg kwnilarg send csend super zsuper yield block
  and not or if when case while until while_post
  until_post for break next redo return resbody
  kwbegin begin retry preexe postexe iflipflop eflipflop
  shadowarg complex rational __FILE__ __LINE__ __ENCODING__
  ident lambda indexasgn index procarg0
  restarg_expr blockarg_expr
  objc_kwarg objc_restarg objc_varargs
  numargs numblock forward_args forwarded_args forward_arg
  case_match in_match in_pattern
  match_var pin match_alt match_as match_rest
  array_pattern match_with_trailing_comma array_pattern_with_tail
  hash_pattern const_pattern if_guard unless_guard match_nil_pattern
  empty_else find_pattern kwargs
  match_pattern_p match_pattern
  forwarded_restarg forwarded_kwrestarg