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"Papers, please."

Check that your Ruby project's dependencies are licensed with only the licenses you specify. Papers will validate that your gems and JavaScript files conform to a whitelist of software licenses. Don't get caught flat-footed by the GPL.



In your application's Gemfile:

gem 'papers'

Then, after a bundle install, run Papers' installer:

$ bundle exec papers --generate
Created config/papers_manifest.yml!

This creates a YAML file detailing your bundled gems and JavaScript files:

# config/papers_manifest.yml
    license: MIT

    license: Unknown


Configure Papers in your test suite:

# spec/spec_helper.rb or test/test_helper.rb
require 'papers'

Papers.configure do |config|
  # A whitelist of accepted licenses. Defaults to:
  # [
  #   'MIT',
  #   'BSD',
  #   'Apache 2.0',
  #   'Apache-2.0',
  #   'LGPLv2.1',
  #   'LGPLv3',
  #   'Ruby',
  #   'Manually Reviewed',
  #   'Unlicensed'
  # ]
  # config.license_whitelist << 'New Relic'

  # You can specify packages which should be whitelisted regardless of license, in case you know your usage
  # is OK even though you prefer not to use its license in other cases.
  # config.package_whitelist << 'thin-1.7.0'

  # You can specify a single license that, when used, ignores the version. Defaults to nil.
  # WARNING: You should only use this for software licensed in house.
  # config.version_whitelisted_license = 'New Relic'

  # The location of your dependency manifest. Defaults to config/papers_manifest.yml
  config.manifest_file = File.join('config', 'papers_manifest.yml')

  # Configures Papers to validate licenses for bundled gems. Defaults to true.
  config.validate_gems = true

  # Configures Papers to validate licenses for included JavaScript and CoffeScript files. Defaults to true.
  config.validate_javascript = true

  # A list of paths where you have included JavaScript and CoffeeScript files. Defaults to:
  # %w[app/assets/javascripts lib/assets/javascripts vendor/assets/javascripts]
  config.javascript_paths << File.join('public', 'javascripts')

  # A list of paths to exclude from JavaScript/CoffeeScript license validation.
  # This is useful if you have subdirectories that include build dependencies
  # that won't get shipped to your production environment.
  # config.whitelist_javascript_paths << File.join('public', 'javascripts', 'node_modules')

  # Configures Papers to validate licenses for bower components. Defaults to false.
  config.validate_bower_components = false

  # Configures where Papers should look for bower components. Each component
  # must have a .bower.json file in its directory for Papers to see it.
  # config.bower_components_path = 'vendor/assets/components'

  # Configures Papers to validate licenses for NPM dependencies. Defaults to false.
  config.validate_npm_packages = false

  # Configured Papers to ignore NPM dev dependencies. Defaults to false.
  config.ignore_npm_dev_dependencies = false

  # Configures where Papers should look for the package.json file. Defaults to:
  # package.json in the root directory of the project
  config.npm_package_json_path = File.join(Dir.pwd, 'package.json')

Then, create a test that will validate your dependencies' licenses:

# Using RSpec
require 'spec_helper'

describe 'Papers License Validation' do
  subject(:validator) { }

  it 'knows and is satisfied by all dependency licenses' do
    expect(validator).to be_valid, -> { "License validation failed:\n#{validator.errors.join("\n")}" }

# Using Minitest (Test::Unit)
require 'test_helper'

class PapersLicenseValidationTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
  def test_know_and_be_satisfied_by_all_licenses
    validator =

    assert validator.valid?, "License validation failed:\n#{validator.errors.join("\n")}"

Finally, run your test suite!

$ bundle exec rspec spec/integration/papers_license_validation_spec.rb


  1) Papers License Validation knows and is satisfied by all dependency licenses
     Failure/Error: expect(validator).to be_valid

       expected: true value
            got: false

       License validator failed: sass-3.2.12 is licensed under GPL, which is not whitelisted

       (compared using ==)
     # ./spec/integration/papers_license_validation_spec.rb:9:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'

Finished in 0.01043 seconds
1 examples, 1 failures

Generating the manifest from inside your tests

If you update your gems on a frequent basis, failing to remember to update the Papers manifest can be a time-consuming effort in getting your tests to pass. You can add this to your test to generate the manifest automatically:!

Note that you should not do this if you manually edit your manifest!


The Papers Gem is licensed under the MIT License. See MIT-LICENSE for full text.


You are welcome to send pull requests to us - however, by doing so you agree that you are granting New Relic a non-exclusive, non-revokable, no-cost license to use the code, algorithms, patents, and ideas in that code in our products if we so choose. You also agree the code is provided as-is and you provide no warranties as to its fitness or correctness for any purpose.