Method: OvirtSDK4::VnicProfilesService#add

Defined in:

#add(profile, opts = {}) ⇒ VnicProfile

Add a vNIC profile.

For example to add vNIC profile 123 to network 456 send a request to:

POST /ovirt-engine/api/networks/456/vnicprofiles

With the following body:

<vnic_profile id="123">

Please note that there is a default network filter to each VNIC profile. For more details of how the default network filter is calculated please refer to the documentation in NetworkFilters.

The automatically created vNIC profile for the external network will be without network filter.

The output of creating a new VNIC profile depends in the body arguments that were given. In case no network filter was given, the default network filter will be configured. For example:

<vnic_profile href="/ovirt-engine/api/vnicprofiles/123" id="123">
  <link href="/ovirt-engine/api/vnicprofiles/123/permissions" rel="permissions"/>
  <network href="/ovirt-engine/api/networks/456" id="456"/>
  <network_filter href="/ovirt-engine/api/networkfilters/789" id="789"/>

In case an empty network filter was given, no network filter will be configured for the specific VNIC profile regardless of the VNIC profile’s default network filter. For example:


In case that a specific valid network filter id was given, the VNIC profile will be configured with the given network filter regardless of the VNIC profiles’s default network filter. For example:

  <network_filter id= "0000001b-001b-001b-001b-0000000001d5"/>


  • profile (VnicProfile)

    The vNIC profile that is being added.

  • opts (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    Additional options.

Options Hash (opts):

  • :headers (Hash) — default: {}

    Additional HTTP headers.

  • :query (Hash) — default: {}

    Additional URL query parameters.

  • :timeout (Integer) — default: nil

    The timeout for this request, in seconds. If no value is explicitly given then the timeout set globally for the connection will be used.

  • :wait (Boolean) — default: true

    If true wait for the response.


# File 'lib/ovirtsdk4/services.rb', line 36605

def add(profile, opts = {})
  internal_add(profile, VnicProfile, ADD, opts)