Method: OvirtSDK4::NetworksService#list

Defined in:

#list(opts = {}) ⇒ Array<Network>

List logical networks.

For example:

GET /ovirt-engine/api/networks

Will respond:

  <network href="/ovirt-engine/api/networks/123" id="123">
    <description>Default Management Network</description>
    <link href="/ovirt-engine/api/networks/123/permissions" rel="permissions"/>
    <link href="/ovirt-engine/api/networks/123/vnicprofiles" rel="vnicprofiles"/>
    <link href="/ovirt-engine/api/networks/123/networklabels" rel="networklabels"/>
    <data_center href="/ovirt-engine/api/datacenters/456" id="456"/>

The order of the returned list of networks is guaranteed only if the sortby clause is included in the search parameter.


  • opts (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    Additional options.

Options Hash (opts):

  • :case_sensitive (Boolean)

    Indicates if the search performed using the search parameter should be performed taking case into account. The default value is true, which means that case is taken into account. If you want to search ignoring case set it to false.

  • :follow (String)

    Indicates which inner links should be followed. The objects referenced by these links will be fetched as part of the current request. See here for details.

  • :max (Integer)

    Sets the maximum number of networks to return. If not specified all the networks are returned.

  • :search (String)

    A query string used to restrict the returned networks.

  • :headers (Hash) — default: {}

    Additional HTTP headers.

  • :query (Hash) — default: {}

    Additional URL query parameters.

  • :timeout (Integer) — default: nil

    The timeout for this request, in seconds. If no value is explicitly given then the timeout set globally for the connection will be used.

  • :wait (Boolean) — default: true

    If true wait for the response.


# File 'lib/ovirtsdk4/services.rb', line 16599

def list(opts = {})
  internal_get(LIST, opts)