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Timestamps for your Ork Models


ork-timestamps requires:

  • Ruby 1.9 or later.
  • riak-client to connect to Riak.
  • ork 0.1.3 or later.

Install Dependencies using dep is easy as run:

$ dep insatll


Install Riak with your package manager:

$ brew install riak

Or download it from Riak's download page

Once you have it installed, you can execute riak start and it will run on localhost:8098 by default.

If you don't have Ork-Timestamps, try this:

$ gem install ork-timestamps


Ork::Timestamps creates two attributes that automatically set create and update timestamp fields.

Getting started

Include Ork::Timestamps module in your Ork::Document class.

class SomeDocument
  include Ork::Document
  include Ork::Timestamps

  attribute :message

Enjoy your models with timestamps!

Running the Tests

Adjust the variable to point to a test riak database. Default is http://localhost:8098

$ ORK_RIAK_URL='http://localhost:8198' rake