A simple client for interacting with the Orchestration Services API in Puppet Enterprise Puppet orchestration API


Currently, this client supports the "V1" endpoints shipped as part of Puppet Enterprise 2016.2 - 2019.8.4.


gem install orchestrator_client


Requires a token with 'Orchestration' permissions. By default the token is expected to be at ~/.puppetlabs/token which is the default location used by puppet-access when creating token.

initialization Settings

  • service-url [required] - Base URL for the location of the Orchestrator API service
  • cacert [required] - Path to the CA certificate file needed to verify the SSL connection to the API.
  • token-file- Path to a file with the RBAC token in it (defaults to ~/.puppetlabs/token)
  • token - Pass directly the RBAC token, if specified the token will be used instead of a token from file.
  • User-Agent- Set User-Agent header for HTTP requests. Defaults to OrchestratorRubyClient/[VERSION]
  • job-poll-interval- Set the default amount of time to sleep when polling in Orchestrator::Job#wait and #each_event
  • job-poll-timeout- Set the default maximum amount of time to wait in Orchestrator::Job#wait
  • read-timeout - The time to wait before raising a Timeout exception when making HTTP requests.


require 'orchestrator_client'

# Create a new client
# Requires at least a server name and path to the CA certificate

client = OrchestratorClient.new({
                                'service-url' => 'https://orchestrator.example.lan:8143/orchestrator/v1',
                                'cacert'     => '/path/to/cert'

## Access endpoints through the client object

# Get details on all known jobs
result = client.jobs.all

# Get details on Individual jobs (job "5" in this example)

# Perform an orchestrator deployment
new_job_details = client.command.deploy('production', {'noop' => true })


bundle install
bundle exec rspec

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