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OpenComponents for Rails. This gem provides view helper methods for component rendering on both server- and client-side.

Getting Started

Add the gem to your Gemfile and run bundle install:

gem 'opencomponents-rails'


All configuration options are set through Rails environment configuration files.

# production.rb

# Sets the registry URL to fetch components from. Defaults to http://localhost:3030.
config.opencomponents.registry = 'http://my.awesome.registry'

# Determines whether rendering should be handed off to the browser if server-side
# rendering fails. Defaults to true.
config.opencomponents.enable_client_failover = true

# Sets the timeout length (in seconds) for registry requests. Defaults to 5.
config.opencomponents.request_timeout = 10


OpenComponents::Rails supports both server- and client-side rendering of components. By default, the gem will fall back to client-side rendering if a server-side registry request times out. If client-side failover if disabled, an error will be raised instead. This is configurable using the enable_client_failover option.

Client-Side Rendering

The OpenComponents client-side javascript library is bundled with this gem for inclusion in the asset compilation process. To enable client-side rendering through the asset pipeline, add the library to your javascript manifest:

//= require opencomponents

Once that's done, you can use the oc_component_tag method in your views. You can either pass the method a fully formed href attribute or use the same options as OpenComponents Renderer.

<%= oc_component_tag('my-sweet-component', href: 'http://localhost:3030/my-sweet-component/1.0.1?name=Zan') %>

<%= oc_component_tag('my-sweet-component', params: {name: 'Zan'}, version: '1.0.1') %>

Components using this tag will be automatically rendered on DOM load.

Server-Side Rendering

In your view, simply call render_component:

<%= render_component('my-sweet-component', params: {name: 'Zan'}, version: '1.0.1') %>

The method accepts the same options as the OpenComponents Renderer.


Would be pretty cool of you. Open an Issue or PR if you find bugs or have ideas for improvements.


Copyright 2015 OpenTable. See LICENSE for details.