Module: OpenCensus::Trace::Exporters

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The Exporters module provides integrations for exporting collected trace spans to an external or local service. Exporter classes may be put inside this module, but are not required to be located here.

An exporter is an object that must respond to the following method:

def export(spans)

Where spans is an array of Span objects to export. The method must tolerate any number of spans in the spans array, including an empty array.

The method return value is not defined.

The exporter object may interpret the export message in whatever way it deems appropriate. For example, it may write the data to a log file, it may transmit it to a monitoring service, or it may do nothing at all. An exporter may also queue the request for later asynchronous processing, and indeed this is recommended if the export involves time consuming operations such as remote API calls.

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