OPDS Monster is a tool for downloading books from an OPDS feed. It was started on Halloween night 2011 by Nick Rowe. It's a treat, though, don't worry. I originally wrote this so I could easily download my Pragmatic Programmer bookshelf. It might also make an interesting cron job to mirror project gutenberg.


  1. Install the gem gem install opds_monster
  2. monster http://example.com/feed

This will download all of the books from the example feed to the current working directory.

Authenticated Feeds

monster http://pragprog.com/my_bookshelf.opds -u USER -p PASS

Some feeds, like the Pragmatic Programmer Feed are authenticated using HTTP Basic Authentication. Adding a user and password should take care of that.

And the rest

opds monster supports some other options too:

  Usage: monster [options] feed
      -u, --username USER              HTTP basic authentication user name
      -p, --password PASS              HTTP basic authentication password
      -q, --quiet                      Quiet Output
      -h, --help                       Display this screen
      -v, --version                    monster version


Photo: Look I'm a monster...AAAARGH! by JeHu6 under CC license.