OPDS Parsing library

This gem provides a parsing library for OPDS Catalogs.

It also has the ability to discover catalogs in html feeds.


gem install opds


Parsing a feed is simply done.

require "opds"

This method will return an instance of the Feed or Entry classes. Each Atom element is accessible directly via a dedicated method (ex: feed.title). Entry also provides a method to directly access any embeded Dublin Core metadata (dcmeta). The raw_doc attribute gives access to the Nokogiri parsed source.

API documentation can be found on rdoc.info

Complete atom entries

Complete atom entries are available if detected as another instance of the Entry class. Just call entry.complete on the partial entry to access it.

Every links are automatically parsed in feeds and entries. They are made available in a collection called links. Relative links should be transformed in their absolute equivalent. On each link there is a navigate method which will proxy a call to OPDS::Feed.parse_url.