Omniscient is a gem that automatically dumps a MySQL database in a remote server via SSH, copies the dumped file to localhost via SCP and imports it, overwriting the local database (or table).

It'll be very useful for those that are developing using more than one machine and don't want to dump and clone data manually all the time.

Getting Started

In your console:

$ gem install omniscient

Then, type the following, where aliasname is a name you choose (i.e. home_computer, work etc):

$ omniscient clone aliasname

A setup will begin. The configuration will be saved to ~/.omni_config.yml.

Now that Omniscient knows where to connect, run the following command again:

$ omniscient clone aliasname

You can clone a 'custom_dbname' database from that host.

$ omniscient clone aliasname -d custom_dbname


Tested on Mac OS X.


Alexandre de Oliveira