OmniAuth EveOnline SSO

Eve Online OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'omniauth-eve_online-sso'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install omniauth-eve_online-sso


Configure omniauth for use new strategy:

Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do
  provider :eve_online_sso, ENV['EVE_ONLINE_SSO_CLIENT_ID'], ENV['EVE_ONLINE_SSO_SECRET_KEY'], scope: 'publicData'


Scopes can be one of two types. Old CREST or new ESI. ESI is recommended for all new apps.


Scope Description
esi-assets.read_assets.v1 Allows reading a list of assets that the character owns.
esi-bookmarks.read_character_bookmarks.v1 Allows reading of a character's bookmarks and bookmark folders.
esi-calendar.read_calendar_events.v1 Allows reading a character's calendar, including corporation events.
esi-calendar.respond_calendar_events.v1 Allows updating of a character's calendar event responses.
esi-characters.read_agents_research.v1 Allows reading a character's research status with agents.
esi-characters.read_blueprints.v1 Allows reading a character's blueprints.
esi-characters.read_chat_channels.v1 Allows reading a character's chat channels.
esi-characters.read_contacts.v1 Allows reading of a characters contacts list, and calculation of CSPA charges.
esi-characters.read_corporation_roles.v1 Allows reading the character's corporation roles.
esi-characters.read_fatigue.v1 Allows reading a character's jump fatigue information.
esi-characters.read_loyalty.v1 Allows reading a character's loyalty points.
esi-characters.read_medals.v1 Allows reading a character's medals.
esi-characters.read_opportunities.v1 Allows reading opportunities of a character.
esi-characters.read_standings.v1 Allows reading a character's standings.
esi-characters.write_contacts.v1 Allows management of contacts.
esi-clones.read_clones.v1 Allows reading the locations of a character's jump clones and their implants.
esi-clones.read_implants.v1 Allows reading a character's active clone's implants.
esi-contracts.read_character_contracts.v1 Allows reading a character's contracts.
esi-corporations.read_corporation_membership.v1 Allows reading a list of the ID's and roles of a character's fellow corporation members.
esi-corporations.read_structures.v1 Allows reading a character's corporation's structure information.
esi-corporations.write_structures.v1 Allows updating a character's corporation's structure information.
esi-fittings.read_fittings.v1 Allows reading information about fittings.
esi-fittings.write_fittings.v1 Allows manipulating fittings.
esi-fleets.read_fleet.v1 Allows reading information about fleets.
esi-fleets.write_fleet.v1 Allows manipulating fleets.
esi-industry.read_character_jobs.v1 Allows reading a character's industry jobs.
esi-killmails.read_corporation_killmails.v1 Allows reading of a corporation's kills and losses.
esi-killmails.read_killmails.v1 Allows reading of a character's kills and losses.
esi-location.read_location.v1 Allows reading of a character's active ship location.
esi-location.read_online.v1 Allows reading a character's online status.
esi-location.read_ship_type.v1 Allows reading of a character's active ship class.
esi-mail.organize_mail.v1 Allows updating the character's mail labels and unread status. Also allows deleting of the character's mail.
esi-mail.read_mail.v1 Allows reading of the character's inbox and mails.
esi-mail.send_mail.v1 Allows sending of mail on the character's behalf.
esi-markets.read_character_orders.v1 Allows reading a character's market orders.
esi-markets.structure_markets.v1 Allows reading market data from a structure, if the user has market access to that structure.
esi-planets.manage_planets.v1 Allows reading a list of a characters planetary colonies, and the details of those colonies.
esi-search.search_structures.v1 Allows searching over all structures that a character can see in the structure browser.
esi-skills.read_skillqueue.v1 Allows reading of a character's currently training skill queue.
esi-skills.read_skills.v1 Allows reading of a character's currently known skills.
esi-ui.open_window.v1 Allows open window in game client remotely.
esi-ui.write_waypoint.v1 Allows manipulating waypoints in game client remotely.
esi-universe.read_structures.v1 Allows querying the location and type of structures that the character has docking access at.
esi-wallet.read_character_wallet.v1 Allows reading of a character's wallet, journal and transaction history.


Scope Description
characterAccountRead Read your account subscription status.
characterAssetsRead Read your asset list.
characterBookmarksRead List your bookmarks and their coordinates.
characterCalendarRead Read your calendar events and attendees.
characterChatChannelsRead List chat channels you own or operate.
characterClonesRead List your jump clones, implants, attributes, and jump fatigue timer.
characterContactsRead Allows access to reading your characters contacts.
characterContactsWrite Allows applications to add, modify, and delete contacts for your character.
characterContractsRead Read your contracts.
characterFactionalWarfareRead Read your factional warfare statistics.
characterFittingsRead Allows an application to view all of your character's saved fits.
characterFittingsWrite Allows an application to create and delete the saved fits for your character.
characterIndustryJobsRead List your industry jobs.
characterKillsRead Read your kill mails.
characterLocationRead Allows an application to read your characters real time location in EVE.
characterLoyaltyPointsRead List loyalty points your character has for the different corporations.
characterMailRead Read your EVE Mail.
characterMarketOrdersRead Read your market orders.
characterMedalsRead List your public and private medals.
characterNavigationWrite Allows an application to set your ships autopilot destination.
characterNotificationsRead Receive in-game notifications.
characterOpportunitiesRead List the opportunities your character has completed.
characterResearchRead List your research agents working for you and research progress.
characterSkillsRead Read your skills and skill queue.
characterStatsRead Yearly aggregated stats about your character.
characterWalletRead Read your wallet status, transaction, and journal history.
corporationAssetsRead Read your corporation's asset list.
corporationBookmarksRead List your corporation's bookmarks and their coordinates.
corporationContactsRead Read your corporation’s contact list and standings.
corporationContractsRead List your corporation's contracts.
corporationFactionalWarfareRead Read your corporation's factional warfare statistics.
corporationIndustryJobsRead List your corporation's industry jobs.
corporationKillsRead Read your corporation's kill mails.
corporationMarketOrdersRead List your corporation's market orders.
corporationMedalsRead List your corporation's issued medals.
corporationMembersRead List your corporation's members, their titles, and roles.
corporationShareholdersRead List your corporation's shareholders and their shares.
corporationStructuresRead List your corporation's structures, outposts, and starbases.
corporationWalletRead Read your corporation's wallet status, transaction, and journal history.
fleetRead Allows real time reading of your fleet information (members, ship types, etc.) if you're the boss of the fleet.
fleetWrite Allows the ability to invite, kick, and update fleet information if you're the boss of the fleet.
publicData Allows access to public data.
remoteClientUI Allows applications to control the UI of your EVE Online client.
structureVulnUpdate Allows updating your structures' vulnerability timers.


After checking out the repo, run bin/setup to install dependencies. Then, run rake spec to run the tests. You can also run bin/console for an interactive prompt that will allow you to experiment.

To install this gem onto your local machine, run bundle exec rake install. To release a new version, update the version number in version.rb, and then run bundle exec rake release, which will create a git tag for the version, push git commits and tags, and push the .gem file to


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.