om (Opinionated Metadata)

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What is om?

A library to help you tame sprawling XML schemas like MODS.

OM allows you to define a "terminology" to ease translation between XML and ruby objects – you can query the xml for Nodes or node values without ever writing a line of XPath.

OM "terms" are ruby symbols you define (in the terminology) that map specific XML content into ruby object attributes.

Product Owner & Maintenance

om is a Core Component of the Samvera community. The documentation for what this means can be found here. ### Product Owner Jon Cameron

Tutorials & Reference

Solrizing Documents

The solrizer gem provides support for indexing XML documents into Solr based on OM Terminologies.
That process is documented in the solrizer README



Matt Zumwalt (MediaShelf)

Thanks To

  • Bess Sadler, who enabled us to take knowledge gleaned from developing Blacklight and apply it to OM metadata indexing
  • Ross Singer
  • Those who participated in the Opinionated MODS breakout session at Code4Lib 2010

Copyright (c) 2010 Matt Zumwalt. See LICENSE for details.