This is a fork of the “OFX for Ruby” project developed by Chris Guidry <> and hosted on Rubyforge: That repository has not been updated since early 2008.

OFX for Ruby is a pure Ruby implementation of Open Financial Exchange specifications (1.0.2 through 2.1.1) for building both financial clients and servers, providing parsers/serializers for each version, and a uniform object model across all versions.

Copyright © 2007 Chris Guidry <>. OFX for Ruby is distributed under the GNU Public License, version 3. See COPYING for more information.

Discovering Financial Institution connection information: There is currently no discovery mechanism within OFX for Ruby for acquiring financial institution connection information from any partner servers (although this is planned in the future). Finding out this information is currently a manual process, but is greatly facilitated with either the ofxconnect utility from libofx <> or the information available at <>.

Running Unit Tests: There are unit tests in the test directory, and I intend to keep these correct and functional to the best of my abilities. I am, however, limited in the coverage I can generate, since I am currently testing live against my own personal bank and credit card accounts. For the near future, the unit test suite will only cover the read-only aspects of communicating over OFX. So as of now, the unit tests available are a little specific to Capital One and CitiCards accounts.

If you have an account with one of these institutions, great! Please help me test more scenarios with these banks. If you have an account with any other institution and can extend OFX for Ruby and it's unit test suite, greater!!!

In either case, please take care not to leave bank account numbers, and especially user credentials in the source tree when committing. I'm going to try to get a more organized test suite together in the future as we add more financial institutions and automatic discovery to the mix.

OFX Specification Completeness: For the current level of OFX support, please see the “OFX Specification completion.ods” file in the planning directory of the release. This file will also be updated periodically on the RubyForge documentation section of the OFX for Ruby site.

Source Code: Thanks to for hosting the code for OFX.

This release can be found in the Subversion repository at <svn://>. The latest version can be found at <svn://>.

Distribution Contents: documentation - (one day) this will house all of the documentation for OFX for Ruby lib - the source code for the OFX for Ruby library; (Hint: you can use this folder in your vendor folder in a Rails application) lib/ofx.rb - the primary include file for the library planning - files that I use to keep on track test - the almighty unit test suite (see “Running Unit Tests”, above) COPYING - the GPLv3 README - this file RELEASE_NOTES - a play-by-play of each OFX for Ruby release (Hint: the 0.1.0 RELEASE_NOTES are the same as this README)

Mailing Lists: - notifications of each commit to the OFX tree