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Offline is an open source command line tool for mirroring & cloning github projects.


    $> gem install offline


Offline has two modes of operation: mirror & clone. All of Offline's commands can use mirror mode and clone mode interchangeably. Mirroring creates bare repositories, like the ones you push to on a server or use locally for a gem cache. Cloning is a normal git clone, so has a working directory. More info about git's clone types.

  • mirror all public repositories for a given user:

    $> offline mirror vertis
  • mirror specific repositories:

    $> offline mirror vertis --only flynn offline
  • exclude repositories

    $> offline mirror vertis --without flynn offline
  • single private repository

    $> offline mirror vertis --only mysecretproject --password password1
  • clone all private repositories

    $> offline clone -p password --private-only MYUSER
  • clone another user's private repositories

    $> offline clone -u myuser -p password --private-only OTHERUSER


In order to run the specs you will need to provide a valid oauth token.

VALID_TEST_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your token> bundle exec rspec spec

NB: Travis CI will not run the oauth test, because have no way of supplying a key and not compromising an account.


Fork on GitHub, create a test & send a pull request.


Use the Issue Tracker

License & Acknowledgments

Offline is distributed under the MIT license, for full details please see the LICENSE file.