Office Clerk

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Office Clerk is the back office helper, your accountant, storage manager, secretary and more. It is the heart of the RubyClerks team , the manager as it were.


In production for 2 sites. Work continues on refinements. That could qualify for 1.0 but i'll wait a few months.

Other clerks

The original plan (as per web-site) is being implemented: several extension "clerk" will be optional. Some are ready (one not)


This currenly does graphical sales reports. Purchase order creation is planned.

Print Clerk

A invoice generator. Also barcode generation and receipt printing (for POS use).

Sales Clerk

We have a shop online, the best way to get started is to clone it.

Getting Started

The easy way (tryout or new project):

  • clone sales_clerk
  • bundle and migrate it
  • change the git/config
  • start editing

The longer route, adding to existing project

  • add office_clerk to Gemfile (gem or git)
  • build your public pages
  • possibly copy ShopController from sales_clerk as a starting point


If you got this far and still have question , mail me, or mail the list

Check the User Guide, then the Developer Guide.

Fill issues if you find, or discuss with me for ideas.

Similar Projects

  • "Spree" , the grandfather of the rails ecommerce has grown big and mighty
  • "Ror-e": has some nice purchase features, and did great work to standardise rails usage
  • "MarketStreet": has taken the ball from ror-e and is running strong with an impressive list of goals
  • "TryShoppe": is new and lightweight. Very nice looking interface.