Gem Version

An ODE solver package for Ruby users. Ode is a the wrapper for ODEPACK and may perform as well as scipy.integrate.odeint and other wrappers.


gem install ode


require 'ode'

f = Proc.new{|t, y, fargs|
  p, r, b = fargs[:p], fargs[:r], fargs[:b]
    [ -p*y[0] + p*y[1],
      -y[0]*y[2] + r*y[0] - y[1],
      y[0]*y[1] - b*y[2]

solver = Ode::Solver.new(f).init(0, [0, 0, 0]).f_args({p: 10, r: 28, b: 8/3}).
solver.integrate(3.0) #integrate f from t=0 to t=3.0


All files under ext/ode/odepack are from scipy.integrate (originally from ODEPACK), and distributed under SciPy License.
All the other files are distributed under the MIT License.