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A set of Github workflow scripts.

GitHub Octopolo

Octopolo Installation

$ gem install octopolo

GitHub Setup

Interactively set up your local machine for GitHub octopolo, including configuring your user-level setting and setting up a GitHub API token for our scripts to use.

octopolo setup

Create New Branch

Create a new branch from the master branch and push it out to GitHub.

new-branch bug-123-something

Create Pull Request for Current Branch

Create a pull-request against the project's deploy branch, associating with the given GitHub issue, if one is provided.


Deploy Current Branch to Staging

From within a bugfix branch, merge to the current staging branch.


Merge Release Into Your Branch

From within a bugfix branch, merge the latest released code (or, optionally, another named branch) into your current branch.

sync-branch some-other-branch

Automatic Merge Conflict Resolution

Optionally you can add the line merge_resolver: <path/to/script> to the .octopolo.yml to have Octopolo try to resolve conflicts automatically via a script upon merge failure.

Review Changes In Releases

Select from recent release tags and generate a link to the GitHub compare view.