This is the Octomatic Enterprise Core gem. It provides most of the ORM stuff. Class and modules for different tables.


bash gem install octocore

In case you are using bundler, you need to add something like this to your Gemfile:

ruby gem 'octocore', :git => '[email protected]:octoai/gem-octocore.git'

DB Migrations

OctoAdmin CLI

This gem comes with a handy utility called octocore-admin. You can use this utility for db migrations, reset and init.

bash $ octocore-admin action path/to/config/dir


  • action: The action to be performed. One of init, migrate or reset
  • /path/to/config/dir: The path where your config dir is placed


Clone the repo

$ git clone [email protected]:octoai/gem-octocore.git


bash $ ./bin/clean_setup.sh


bash $ rake spec

Verifying connectivity

You can use the following set of commands in irb to verify all things working with this gem. Execute it from irb in PROJ_DIR.

ruby require 'octocore' config_dir = '/path/to/config/dir' Octo.connect_with_config_file config_dir

Creating fake stream

It ships with a utility called fakestream. It will automatically stream random data. To use just open your console and type

bash $ fakestream /path/to/config/dir