Octobat Ruby bindings

Important notice

octobat > 2.0.0 is built to work only with Octobat v2 endpoint and your Octobat v2 credentials. If you don't use Octobat v2 yet, please use version 0.0.12.


You don't need this source code unless you want to modify the gem. If you just want to use the Octobat Ruby bindings, you should run:

gem install octobat

If you want to build the gem from source:

gem build octobat.gemspec


  • Ruby 1.8.7 or above. (Ruby 1.8.6 may work if you load ActiveSupport.) For Ruby versions before 1.9.2, you'll need to add this to your Gemfile:

    if Gem::Version.new(RUBY_VERSION) < Gem::Version.new('1.9.2')
      gem 'rest-client', '~> 1.6.8'
  • rest-client, json


  • Get a customer with its invoices

“`ruby customer = Octobat::Customer.retrieve(“oc_cus_0123456789abcdef”, “include[]” => “invoices”) “`


The octobat gem is mirrored on Rubygems, so you should be able to install it via gem install octobat if desired.

Note that if you are installing via bundler, you should be sure to use the https rubygems source in your Gemfile, as any gems fetched over http could potentially be compromised in transit and alter the code of gems fetched securely over https:

source 'https://rubygems.org'

gem 'rails'
gem 'octobat'


Test cases are currently being written.