OmniAuth stratgies for APIs that have HTTP Basic authentication (such as Campfire and Basecamp).


To get just HTTP Basic functionality:

gem install oa-basic

For the full auth suite:

gem install omniauth

Stand-Alone Example

Use the strategy as a middleware in your application:

require 'omniauth/basic'

use OmniAuth::Strategies::Campfire

Then simply direct users to '/auth/campfire' to prompt them for their Campfire credentials. You may also pre-set the credentials by POSTing to the URL with appropriate parameters (in the case of Campfire and Basecamp, the parameters are subdomain, user, and password).

OmniAuth Builder

If you want to allow multiple providers, use the OmniAuth Builder:

require 'omniauth/basic'

use OmniAuth::Builder do
  provider :campfire
  provider :basecamp