NvTriStrip: Triangle stripification library

NvTriStrip provides a Ruby interface for Nvidia's Triangle stripification library.

Original NvTriStrip is available from developer.nvidia.com , I've slightly modified the lib to fix compiling on various platforms.


All features and shortcomings of Nvidia's library are (hopefully) preserved.

Namely, features

  • Makes trianglestrips out of triangle lists

  • Optimizes trianglestrips for good cache use

  • Optionally stitches separate strips with degenerates

  • Can throw small strips into a list instead

  • Remaps indices to improve spatial locality in your vertex buffer

Some shortcomings

  • Limited geometry to 65k vertices (But that also has some practical value)

  • Uses global state to control some options (but should be otherwise reentrant)

  • Ruby version has to do some back and forth copying of the indices


With rubygems:

gem install nvtristrip-ruby


ruby setup.rb


require 'nvtristrip'

my_triangle_indices=[0,1,2,1,2,3] # Two triangles

stripified_indices=NvTriStrip::generate_strips my_triangle_indices, validate

# And now stripifiedIndices is an Array of NvTriStrip::PrimitiveGroup objects, which are Enumerable.

remapped_indices=NvTriStrip::remap_indices stripified_indices, 3

# And now remappedIndices is an array of PrimitiveGroups objects with indices
# remapped for better spatial locality. With this information you should remap your vertex buffer.