A general purpose popup notifier sender/receiver for using WebSockets (via Pusher).


notify-push employs a Receiver and Sender(s) to push messages from the Sender(s) to the Receiver.

Example Use Case: You have irssi set up in a screen on a remote machine and you want to be notified on your laptop/desktop whenever your name gets highlighted.

IRC Example


Works on my Machine


Create Pusher App

Create an App on Pusher named notify-push. The free account should be plenty.

Install notify-push

For the Receiver machine and the Sender machine(s):

$ gem install notify-push

Or, from source:

$ git clone
$ cd notify-push
$ bundle install
$ rake install

Create & Distribute Configuration File

Next, create a configuration file with your Pusher App's credentials (found on your Pusher App's page under App Credentials) and distribute it to each machine (Receiver and Sender(s)).

Location: ~/.notify-pushrc


  key: a1a2a3b1b2b3c1c2c3d1
  secret: a1a2a3b1b2b3c1c3c1d1
  app_id: 12345



Invoke the Receiver with:

$ notify-push receive

TODO: There's a .plist launchd file in there but it's not ready.



$ notify-push send <message> [title]

Alternatively, you can curl or use any Pusher tool to send on messages to your notify-push app on channel "notifications" with data:

message: The message to notify you with in the notifier popup (REQUIRED)
title:   The title of the notifier popup (Optional)