Norwegian Holidays

A Norwegian holiday calendar. Answers the age-old question: When is mothersday this year?

Implemented holidays

Mothersday: Second Sunday in February. Fathersday: Second Sunday in November. Valentines Day: February 14. Christmas: December 24th (Norwegians only care about Christmas Eve, apparently).

=> December 24, 2010

=> February 13, 2011

NorwegianHolidays.next_mothersday(, 2, 7) )
=> February 13, 2011

NorwegianHolidays.next_mothersday(, 3, 14) )
=> February 12, 2012

Next (if coming up) or last holiday

There is a need to return the next holiday if it is coming up within a certain timeframe, otherwise return last year's holiday.

The name for this has not been suitably determined as of yet.