NetworkX is a very popular Python library, that handles various use-cases of the Graph Data Structure. This project intends to provide a working alternative to the Ruby community, by closely mimicing as many features as possible.

This project has begun just now, and a v0.1.0 release with basic Graph classes can be expected by January 2018.

List of contents


  • Clone the repository with git clone [email protected]:athityakumar/networkx.rb.git
  • Navigate to networkx with cd networkx.rb
  • Install dependencies with gem install bundler && bundle install
  • Install networkx gem with rake install
  • Start checking out in PRY / IRB console :
require 'networkx'
#=> true

# Yet to be implemented
g =
g.add_edge('start', 'stop')


Quite easily, any networkx user would be able to understand the number of details that have been implemented in the Python library. As a humble start towards the release of v0.1.0, the following could be the goals to achieve :

  • Node : This class should be capable of handling different types of nodes (not just String / Integer). A possible complex use-case could be XML nodes.

  • Edge : This class should be capable of handling different types of edges. Though a basic undirected Graph doesn't store any metadata in the edges, weighted edges and parametric edges are something that need to be handled.

  • Graph : The simplest of graphs. This class handles just connections between different Nodes via Edges.

  • DirectedGraph : Inherits from Graph class. Uses directions between Edges.

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After months of extensive searching, we realised there was not a single repository that could guide a newbie to machine learning and natural language processing in Ruby. Thus, after a series of naming discussions, sciruby-examples was born.


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Your contributions are always welcome! Please have a look at the contribution guidelines first. :tada:


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The MIT License 2017 - Athitya Kumar. Please have a look at the for more details.