NetuitiveD is a dRuby application submits and aggregates metrics through the use of DRbObjects. NetuitiveD is meant to work in conjunction with the netuitive_ruby_api and netuitive_rails_agent gems to help Netuitive monitor your Ruby applications.

For more information on NetuitiveD, see our Ruby agent help docs, or contact Netuitive support at [email protected].

Installing and Running NetuitiveD


 gem install netuitived


  1. Run the start script (make sure the user using the command has access rights to the gem's install directory):

     netuitived start
  2. The start script will prompt you for an API key and an element name. You can get an API key from creating a Ruby datasource in Netuitive.

     please enter an element name:
     please enter an api key:

    If you're unsure about what element name you should use, just use the name of your Ruby application.

Note: The extra config information is found in config/agent.yml. Each field in the config file can also be set using environment variables.


To run the tests and code syntax validation run the following commands:

gem install bundle
bundle install
bundle exec rubocop
bundle exec rake test