A simple Ruby interface to the 'ping' command


* Ruby 1.8.0 or later
* The win32/open3 package is required for Win32 systems when using the
  Net::Ping::External class.


Manual Installation

ruby test.rb (optional)
ruby install.rb

Gem Installation

ruby net-ping.gemspec
gem install net-ping-<version>.gem


Please read the documentation.  Especially pay attention to the docs
pertaining to ECONNREFUSED with regards to TCP pings.

Also note the documentation regarding down hosts.

How to require net-ping

You can do either this:

require 'net/ping'

In which case you will get Net::Ping and all of its subclasses.  Or,
you can load individual subclasses like this:

require 'net/ping/tcp'

The former has the advantage of being easier to remember and all inclusive,
not to mention backwards compatible.  The latter has the advantage of
reducing your memory footprint.