nehm is a console tool, which downloads, sets IDv3 tags (and adds to your iTunes library) your SoundCloud posts or likes in convenient way

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For personal use only

Nehm developer doesn't responsible for any illegal usage of this program


1. Install Ruby

2. Install taglib library

Mac OS X:

brew install taglib


sudo port install taglib


Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libtag1-dev

Fedora/RHEL: sudo yum install taglib-devel

3. Install nehm gem:

gem install nehm

First usage

If you just installed nehm, write any command for its setup

For example, nehm help

nehm should answer like this:

Before using the nehm, you should set it up:
Enter path to desirable download directory (press enter to set it to ...

And then follow instruction, which nehm gives

Usage Examples

Type nehm help to list of all available commands or nehm help COMMAND for specific command

Also commands and arguments (but NOT options) may be abbreviated, so long as they are unambiguous.

Get (download to default directory, set tags and add to iTunes library) your last like

$ nehm get like = $ nehm g l

Get your last post (last track or repost from your profile)

$ nehm get post = $ nehm g p

Get multiple last posts or likes

$ nehm get 3 posts = $ nehm g 3 ps

$ nehm get 5 likes = $ nehm g 5 ls

Just download and set tags any track

$ nehm dl post = $ nehm d p

Get tracks from another user

$ nehm get post from nasa or $ nehm d l from bogem

Get tracks to another directory

$ nehm g p to ~/Downloads or $ nehm d l from bogem to .

Get tracks to another iTunes playlist

$ nehm g p pl MyPlaylist

Get or download track from url

$ nehm g https://soundcloud.com/nasa/delta-iv-launch

Get list of likes or posts and download selected

$ nehm list likes = $ nehm l l

Search for tracks and download them

$ nehm search kanye west = $ nehm s kanye west


Q: What is permalink?

A: Permalink is the last word in your profile url. Example: for profile url soundcloud.com/qwerty permalink is qwerty




My SoundCloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/bogem