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API Status

The NCUA lets you search for a credit union office by name, address and charter number. Their site uses a JSON api behind their pages, to serve the data.

This gem is a ruby client to that API. It's totally unaffiliated with the NCUA. It's open source, so anyone can use it, and anyone can help maintain it. At this point, it's maintained by the developers at Continuity.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

  gem 'ncua'

And then execute:

  $ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

  $ gem install ncua


Currently all of our features are namespaced under the NCUA module.

The NCUA lets you find a Credit Union Office by its name, charter number, or within an address:

  credit_unions = NCUA.find_office_by_name('Federal')  #=> [NCUA::CreditUnion::Office, ... ]

You can also find an office by name, address, charter_number. Searching by address takes an optional radius argument to limit the scope of the address query (units are in miles):

  credit_unions = NCUA.find_office_by_charter_number(12345)  #=> [NCUA::CreditUnion::Office, ... ]

  credit_unions = NCUA.find_office_by_address("125 Main St., Anywhere, CT", radius: 50)  #=> [NCUA::CreditUnion::Office, ... ]

Right now, an NCUA::CreditUnion::Office has all of the following getters:

 | --------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------- |
 | Method                      | Explanation                                                   |
 | --------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------- |
 | name                        | The Credit Union's Name                                       |
 | long                        | The Longitude of the Credit Union                             |
 | lat                         | The Latitude of the Credit Union                              |
 | site_name                   | The name of the Credit Union office or branch                 |
 | charter_number              | The Credit Union's Charter Number                             |
 | city                        | The Credit Union's City                                       |
 | country                     | The Credit Union's Country                                    |
 | main_office?                | Whether the Credit Union office is the Main Office            |
 | phone                       | The Credit Union's phone number                               |
 | site_functions              | The Credit Union's Site functions.*                           |
 | site_id                     | The Credit Union's Site ID                                    |
 | state                       | The Credit Union's State                                      |
 | url                         | The Credit Union's Url                                        |
 | zip                         | The Credit Union's Zip Code                                   |
 | distance_from_query_address | The Distance between the queried address and the Credit Union |
 | street                      | The Credit Union's Street address                             |
 | --------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------- |

*Currently these are limited to `Member Services`, `Drive Through` and `ATM`

NCUA::CreditUnion::Office also exposes a #details method. This scrapes the NCUA's show page for a particular credit union, and returns an NCUA::CreditUnion::Details object. This object contains the details of a particular Credit Union, instead of a particular office location.

Keep in mind, this scrapes data from html, so this might break regularly.

Right now, an NCUA::CreditUnion::Details object has the following getters:

        | field                      | description                                                                                                  |
        | -------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |
        | credit_union_name          | The Credit Union's name                                                                                      |
        | charter_number             | The Credit Union's NCUA charter number                                                                       |
        | credit_union_type          | The Type of Credit Union (Either Federal Credit Union [FCU] or Federally Insured State Credit Union [FISCU]) |
        | active?                    | Whether the Credit Union is active or not                                                                    |
        | corporate_credit_union?    | Whether the Credit Union is a corporate credit union or not                                                  |
        | credit_union_charter_year  | The year the Credit Union was chartered                                                                      |
        | current_charter_issue_date | The date the current charter was issued                                                                      |
        | date_insured               | The date that the Credit Union was insured as of                                                             |
        | charter_state              | The charter state of the Credit Union                                                                        |
        | region                     | The Credit Union's region                                                                                    |
        | field_of_membership_type   | The Credit Union's field of membership type                                                                  |
        | low_income_designation?    | Whether the Credit Union has low income designation                                                          |
        | member_of_fhlb?            | Whether the Credit Union is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank System                                    |
        | assets                     | The total assets of the Credit Union, as a floating point decimal                                            |
        | peer_group                 | The Credit Union's Peer Group                                                                                |
        | number_of_members          | The Credit Union's number of Members                                                                         |
        | address                    | The street address of the Credit Union                                                                       |
        | city_state_zip_code        | The City, State and Zip code of the Credit Union                                                             |
        | country                    | The Country of the Credit Union                                                                              |
        | county                     | The County of the Credit Union                                                                               |
        | phone                      | The Phone number of the Credit Union                                                                         |
        | website                    | The Website of the Credit Union                                                                              |
        | ceo_or_manager             | The name of the CEO or Manager of the Credit Union                                                           |
        | -------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |

You can also scrape this directly from the NCUA module by calling NCUA.find_credit_union(charter_number)

If you pass nil into this method, it will raise an ArgumentError. The NCUA will actually return a 200 without a charter number, but the data on the page is blank.

If you pass a non-numeric argument, such as "foo" into this method, it will also raise an ArgumentError.

If for some reason the NCUA returns a 500 error when directly scraping for credit union details, the gem will raise NCUA::CreditUnion::ServerError. This can happen if your charter number is invalid.

In fact, we only really expect response codes in the 200 range. If the NCUA returns another response, the gem will raise NCUA::CreditUnion::ServerError with the response code in the description.

Validating this Gem's Schema Assumptions

This gem relies upon both the schema of an unpublished public JSON API and the particular markup of a page on the NCUA's website remaining constant.

Obviously, this is a bad practice. Until the NCUA publishes a versioned, public API of their data, we will continue to rely upon these unorthodox methods of data retrieval.

To help current users of this gem, we have provided an API for validating the assumed schema of the NCUA's data.

Calling NCUA.schema_valid? will return true if the gem is safe to use. Note that this makes an actual call to the NCUA's endpoints, so be mindful of its use.

Calling NCUA.validate_schema! will similarly return true if the gem is safe to use, but will raise a more detailed exception if the schema is invalid.

The gem provides an internal rake task, rake ncua:validate_schema!, which calls NCUA.validate_schema!. For the convenience of Rails users, we have used a Railtie to automatically provide this rake task in your application.

If you do not use Rails, you can add the following to your Rakefile to expose this task.

require 'ncua'

Because the schema may change more suddenly than developers can check for, we've created a very small application that validates the schema of this gem and its sister gem, fdic.

The api_schema_validator application checks daily to see if the schema is invalid. It exposes a few handy endpoints, notably /ncua/status, which returns the follwing JSON:

    "schema_good" : true
  // OR
    "schema_good" : false

and /ncua/badge which returns an svg status badge. In fact, you saw that badge at the top of this readme!


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.