• What is NArrayBigmem

    + NArrayBigmem is NArray with big memory support

  • Difference from NArray

    + Big memory (over 2GB) support + new class NArray::LINT (64bit integer) + OpenMP support + Internal memory struct of NArray object (recompile is necessary for exteded library)

  • Installation

    + Compile & Install NArrayBigmem

    ruby extconf.rb
    make install

    + For OpenMP support

    OpenMP is enable for gcc compiler by default.
    However it is disabled for other compiler.
    "--openmp=" option for extconf.rb is available to enable and disable OpenMP support.
    If you want enable it for other compiler, execute extconf.rb with --openmp option.
      ruby extconf.rb --openmp=openmp_option
    If you want disable it for gcc compiler, --openmp option without any argument can be used.
      ruby extconf.rb --openmp=
  • Run

    + load library

    require 'narray'

    + enable OpenMP

    OpenMP is disabled by default at runtime.
    Set number of threads to "OMP_NUM_THREADS" environmental variable if you want enable it.
    If you want set the number in Ruby script, just insert the following code:
      ENV["OMP_NUM_THREADS"] = num_threads