Thanks to this gem, you can use BibTeX files as a data source for the static site compiler nanoc.


First, install the nanoc-bibtex gem:

$ gem install nanoc-bibtex

Then, load the data source on start by including this line in lib/default.rb:

require 'nanoc/data_sources/bibtex_data_source'


Modify your config.yaml to include your data source:

    type: filesystem_unified
    items_root: /
    layouts_root: /
    type: bibtex
    items_root: /publications
      path: assets/publications/
        - abstract

The above example configures your site with an additional bibtex data source. It will load the entries of each BibTeX file in the folder assets/publications as items whose path will be /publications/{citation_key}.

The fields of each item will contain the values of the corresponding BibTeX entry. The raw contents of this item will be the BibTeX entry, excluding the abstract field.