Tool to setup a mysql replication slave by copying data and master status from a remote mysql master over ssh.

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mysql_slaver help enslave

mysql_slaver enslave --database=DATABASE --master-host=MASTER_HOST --replication-password=REPLICATION_PASSWORD --replication-user=REPLICATION_USER



  • ruby 1.9.3 or greater
  • localhost is configured as a mysql replication slave
  • the current localhost user can ssh to the db master
  • any ssh config settings, other than a port number, required to access the master from localhost are set in a ~/.ssh/config file
  • ssh is on the current user's path
  • your mysql administrator user is called 'root', locally and on the db master
  • mysql is on the local user's path
  • mysql and mysqldump are on the remote ssh user's path
  • replication permissions from the local host to the db master are already setup
  • root user has the same password on this host and the master server
  • mysql socket (if any) is the same on localhost and the db master
  • db character set is UTF-8


  • destructively replaces the target database on localhost with no backup


  • output better help (include optional params, format better (shorter lines))
  • check ssh connection
  • check replication permissions
  • check slave is setup as a replication slave (i.e. it has a mysql server id)
  • allow a mysql admin username other than 'root'
  • allow different root user passwords on slave and master