MWS Orders

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MWS Orders is a full-featured Ruby interface to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) Orders API. With the MWS Orders API, you can list orders created or updated during a time frame you specify or retrieve information about specific orders.

To use Amazon MWS, you must have an eligible seller account.


Create a client:

require "mws-orders"
client = MWS.orders(marketplace: "ATVPDKIKX0DER",
                    merchant_id: "123")

Set up credentials when instantiating or with environment variables.


List orders created or updated during a time frame you specify:

response = client.list_orders(created_after: 1.month.ago)
orders = response.parse
puts orders.count # => 100
puts orders.first # => #<MWS::Orders::Order amazon_order_id="123...

List the next page of orders:


Get one or more orders based on their order numbers:

response = client.get_order("123-1234567-1234567")
order = response.parse
puts order # => #<MWS::Orders::Order amazon_order_id="123...

Order Items

List order items:

response = client.list_order_items("123-1234567-1234567")
order_items = response.parse

List the next page of order items:


Orders and order items are represented by POROs that map one on one to the attributes returned by the API.

Service Status

Check the operational status of the API: