Bootstraps a Maven project. Because archetypes shouldn't be so complicated.


Mvnizer is ideal to create a throw-away Maven project that adds junit as a dependency and sets up the Maven project structure.


Project Creation

Mvnizer is used as follows:

$ mvnizer new <coordinates>

The coordinates can have the following format:


with the values between angled brackets optional. type can only have one of the following three values: jar (default), war or pom. This command creates a project in the artifact folder, populating the proper values in the pom file.

Here are some examples of valid commands:

mvnizer new foo
mvnizer new foo:war
mvnizer new foo:1.0:war
mvnizer new com.example:foo
mvnizer new com.example:foo:war
mvnizer new com.example:foo:1.0:war

Add Dependency

To add dependencies, you must be in the folder where the pom file you want to add the dependency to is.

To add a dependency, simply pass the coordinates of the dependency, and add scope if needed (if no scope is given, compile is assumed):

mvnizer add org.apache.commons:commons-lang3:3.1:jar
mvnizer add org.mockito:mockito-core:1.9.5-rc1:jar:test

The search features makes it easy to find the coordinates of the dependencies for you.

Dependency Search

You can search for dependencies in the Maven central repository with the command:

$ mvnizer search <text>


MIT License.