Multi App Engine

Similar to enginex but can generate and setup multiple individual dummy apps (configured for either Mongoid or Active Record) for testing your gem.


$ mengine ENGINE_NAME [options]

Use —help to see supported options.

Example usage

Create a default engine called ‘MyEngine’

$ mengine my-engine

Dummy apps:

  • dummy-active_record

Dummies for ORMs

Create engine named ‘MyEngine’ and dummy apps configured for A.R and Mongoid

$ mengine my-engine --orms mongoid ar

Dummy apps:

  • dummy-mongoid
  • dummy-active_record

Testing framework

Create engine named ‘Demox’ and a single dummy app configured for Mongoid. Use Rspec as the testing framework for the engine.

$ mengine demox --orms mongoid -t rspec

Dummy apps:

  • dummy-mongoid

Dummy application types

Create engine named ‘Demox’ and create dummy apps for cancan and devise (types). For each type create dummy apps for A.R and Mongoid. Use Rspec as the testing framework.

$ mengine demo --orms mongoid ar --types cancan devise -t rspec

Dummy apps:

  • dummy-cancan-mongoid
  • dummy-cancan-active_record
  • dummy-devise-mongoid
  • dummy-devise-active_record

Bugs and Feedback

If you discover any bugs, feel free to send me a message or create an issue on GitHub tracker

MIT License. Copyright 2011 Kristian Mandrup