MPRIS Scrobbler

I sometimes listen to music using Audacious (I'm a sucker for classic Winamp skins), and I've noticed the plugin doesn't work for me on Fedora 23. But I also noticed that it supports MPRIS, and I've always wanted to play with D-Bus.

So this project scrobbles your tracks to as long as Audacious is running concurrently, and its MPRIS 2 Server plugin is enabled. It's a quick and dirty hack, but I might come back to it in the future.


gem install mpris_scrobbler


It's a long running binary - feel free to use whatever daemon wrapper for it. The first time you run it, it creates a config.yml file in your home folder. In it, you have to fill in your app API key and secret (create a new app here, no need for a callback URL). You also need to fill in your username, in order to fetch your last scrobbled track and determine if it needs updating. Do not fill in the session_key key.

After you fill in the API keys in the config file, you need to run the binary one more time to generate a session key. After this, subsequent runs have no output.

You can try to change the player key to support other MPRIS 2 compliant players, but I haven't tried this. Submit an issue, and I'll have a look if it doesn't work for your player - but it should, in theory!


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.