MovieSearcher makes it possible to get information about a movie. It uses IMDB's API that their iPhone applications rely on.

It's build on top of maddox's imdb-party but adds some extra functionality and bugs fixes.

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Take a look at this gem if you want to use instead of as source.

What makes this gem so awesome?

MovieSearcher has a really cool feature (method) called find_by_release_name that makes it possible to search for a movie based on the release name. You can for example specify Heartbreaker 2010 LIMITED DVDRip XviD-SUBMERGE and it will return the not to good Heartbreaker by Pascal Chaumeil

So how do I use it?

Get a movie by its imdb id

movie = MovieSearcher.find_movie_by_id("tt0468569")
# => "The Dark Knight"
# => 8.9
# => "PG-13"

Find a movie based on the release name

MovieSearcher.find_by_release_name("Heartbreaker 2010 LIMITED DVDRip XviD-SUBMERGE").imdb_id 
# => tt1465487

Find a movie based on a folder

# => #<ImdbParty::Movie:0x10198a060 ... >

Find a movie based on a file containing and imdb link

This method does not take any folder that starts with tilde ~ sign.

# => #<ImdbParty::Movie:0x10198a060 ... >

Find a movie based on a downloaded thingy (folder or file)

This method takes anything that you have download and tries to figure out what movie you're talking about. If a folder is passed it will list all text files in the folder and try to find an imdb link. If no link or no files are found, it will fall back on the name of the folder.

# => #<ImdbParty::Movie:0x10198a060 ... >

Find the top 250 movies of all time

# => [#<ImdbParty::Movie:0x10178ef68 @imdb_id="tt0111161", @poster_url="[email protected]@._V1_.jpg" ... >, ...]

Get the currently popular tv shows

# => [#<ImdbParty::Movie:0x101ff2858 @imdb_id="tt1327801", @poster_url="[email protected]@._V1_.jpg", @year="2009", @title="Glee">, ... ]

Some configure alternatives

You can pass some options to the find_by_release_name method to specify how it should behave.

Here is an example.

MovieSearcher.find_by_release_name("Heartbreaker 2010 LIMITED DVDRip XviD-SUBMERGE")

What is being returned?

These are the accessors of ImdbParty::Movie, the object being returned from find_by_release_name for example.

  • imdb_id (String) The imdb id of the movie.
  • title (String) The title of the movie.
  • directors (Array) Related directors.
  • writers (Array) Related writers.
  • tagline (String) The movie tagline.
  • company (String) Company who made the movie.
  • runtime (String) The length of the movie, 120 min for example.
  • rating (Float) The movie rating, from 0 to 10.
  • poster_url (String) Movie poster. Beaware, this image might expire. Use tmdb_party if you want posters and images.
  • release_date (Date) The release date of the movie.
  • certification (String) The certification of the movie, R for example.
  • genres (Array) The most relevant generes for the movie.
  • actors (Array) Related actors.
  • trailers (Hash) Related trailers. The key defines the quality of the trailer, like H.264 480x360 and the value specify the url.

The actors, writers and directors accessors returns an ImdbParty::Person object that has the following accessors.

  • imdb_id (String) The imdb id of the person.
  • role (String) What role did the actor have in the movie. This is only set when working with an actor.
  • name (String) The actual name of the actor.

This sounds supr, how do I help?

  • Start by copying the project or make your own branch.
  • Navigate to the root path of the project and run bundle.
  • Start by running all tests using rspec, rspec spec/movie_searcher_spec.rb.
  • Implement your own code, write some tests, commit and do a pull request.


MovieSearcher is tested in OS X 10.6.6, 10.6.7 using Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2