Mongoid Tag

This gem is heaviliy influenced by Aaron Qians mongoid_taggable_with_context gem. I needed a way to tag a model and let a contextual scope of that model hold meta-data about the tags.

In example: when I tag a product with “nice”, I wanted the products category to know how many products was tagged with “nice”. I also wanted to store additional data about this tag such as color (i.e colored labels on gmail.)


This is my first gem ever, and it is experimental at the moment. Use it at your own risk…


class Product
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Tag
  belongs_to :category
  tag :tags, :meta_in => :category

class Category
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Tag::Meta
  tag_meta_for :tags

@c = Category.create
@product = Product.create(:tags => "new, expensive", :category => @c)

@product.tags => ["new", "expensive"]

@category.tags_with_weight => [["new", 1], ["expensive", 1]]

@category.add_tag("on sale", {:color => "#a2a2a2"}) #add any meta you want

@category.tags_with_meta => [["new", {:count => 1}], ["expensive", {:count => 1}], ["on sale", {:count => 0, :color => "#a2a2a2"}]]


@category.products.with_all_tags(['tag1', 'tag2']) => products tagged with both

@category.products.with_any_tags(['tag1', 'tag2']) => products tagged with one or both

@category.products.without_tags(['tag1', 'tag2']) => products not with any of tags