moco [options] SOURCE ...
moco [options] SOURCE:COMPILED ...

MoCo monitors web templates. On updates the templates are compiled and
the browser reloaded. MoCo currently supports CoffeeScript, Sass, LESS,
Markdown and Haml.

Files and directories:
The given source files and directories will be monitored for updates.
Use the SOURCE:COMPILED format to save the compiled files to another
directory or to change the compiled filename:
moco .:/www sass:/www/css

--monitor Keep running until Ctrl-C is pressed [DEFAULT]
--no-monitor Exit after the initial compilation

-c, --compile Compile all the supported file types [DEFAULT]
-c, --compile EXT,EXT Compile the given file types
--no-compile Disable compilation
moco -c coffee -c sass,scss .

-f, --force Force recompilation at startup
--no-force Do not compile up-to-date files [DEFAULT]

-m, --source-map Make source maps if the compiler supports it
--no-source-map Do not make source maps [DEFAULT]

-o, --option EXT:KEY:VAL Set a compiler option
moco -o coffee:header # header = true
-o haml:ugly:false # ugly = false
-o haml:format::xhtml # format = :xhtml
-o md:layout:md.html # layout = 'md.html'
-o less:paths:css: . # paths = ['css']

-r, --reload Reload after css/html/js file updates [DEFAULT]
-r, --reload EXT,EXT Set the file types that triggers reloading
--no-reload Disable reloading
moco -r rb -r css,html,js .

-b, --browser BRO,BRO The browsers to reload [all by DEFAULT]
moco -b safari -b chrome,canary .

-u, --url all Reload all active tabs
-u, --url localhost Reload active tabs with localhost urls [DEFAULT]
-u, --url URL,URL Reload active tabs where the url starts with URL
moco -u localhost -u .

--require LIB Require the library
moco --require path/to/compiler.rb .

-q, --quiet Log errors only
--no-quiet Log errors and file updates [DEFAULT]

-l, --list List the supported file types and browsers

-h, --help Display this message

The moco file:
MoCo looks for files named '.moco' and 'moco.rb' in the working directory
and in the home directory. The purpose of these files is to set options
and to define new compilers. The command line options have precedence.

More information: