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Stores attribute translation as attribute/value pair on a shared translations table, using a polymorphic relationship between a translation class and models using the backend. By default, two tables are assumed to be present supporting string and text translations: a mobility_text_translations table for text-valued translations and a mobility_string_translations table for string-valued translations (the only difference being the column type of the value column on the table).

Backend Options


Name of association on model. Defaults to mobility_text_translations (if type is :text) or mobility_string_translations (if type is :string). If specified, ensure name does not overlap with other methods on model or with the association name used by other backends on model (otherwise one will overwrite the other).


Currently, either :text or :string is supported. Determines which class to use for translations, which in turn determines which table to use to store translations (by default mobility_text_translations for text type, mobility_string_translations for string type).


Class to use for translations when defining association. By default, ActiveRecord::TextTranslation or ActiveRecord::StringTranslation for ActiveRecord models (similar for Sequel models). If string is passed in, it will be constantized to get the class.

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