MiniGL is a minimal 2D Game Library, available as a Ruby gem, and built on top of the Gosu gem.

It provides the following features:

  • Resource management (images, sound effects, songs, tilesets, fonts)
  • Input manipulation (keyboard, mouse, joystick)
  • UI (text, buttons, text fields, drop-down lists, progress bars)
  • Basic physics and collision checking
  • Animated objects
  • Particle systems

More functionalities are coming. Feel free to contribute! You can send feedback to [email protected].

Made with MiniGL

Below are some games built with MiniGL, all available for free download and also open source.

Download Super Bombinhas, ConnecMan, SokoAdventure and Spheres in my page.

If you create a project using MiniGL, feel free to open a PR to include it in this list.


MiniGL was built on top of the Gosu gem. This gem has its own dependencies for compiling extensions. Visit this page for details.

After installing the Gosu dependencies, you can just gem install minigl.


  • The library is 100% RDoc-documented here.
  • The wiki is a work in progress with tutorials and examples.
  • Test package and examples aren't complete!

Version 2.5.3

  • Fixed small collision bug in Movement#move.


Contributions are very welcome. Feel free to fork and send pull requests. Also, you can support my work by purchasing any of my games on or Super Bombinhas on Steam.